Vincent Estrade

Vincent Estrade

Urologist, member of French Lithiasis Committee since 2009, I’m working exclusively in lithiasis since around 10 years. In 2017 i have joined the Urology department of University hospital of Bordeaux, France.

In a daily practice, I’m treating stones using RIRS or ECIRS, and sometime using SWL.

My principal objective is the development of a modern approach in urolithiasis by urologists.

It’s the reason why my recent publications (,, are focused on endoscopic stone recognition and, more recently, on the benefit of Artificial Intelligence approach in the diagnostic process in urolithiasis

This modern endoscopic approach is now essential in urolithiasis because of all types of stones can be completely destroyed using LASER fragmentation, especially when using Thulium Fiber LASER. As a consequence of the destruction of the stone morphologies, essential information about urinary stone etiologies is lost.

All my team and I hope that we can participate to teach this modern approach and we thank the S.I.U to allow us for a communication in June.